iPhone & Blackberry vs. Everything Else

May 22nd, 2010

Recently, my office issued me a blackberry. I couldn’t avoid it this time, and it has come down bearing upon me.

With that you would know, I am not particularly enthusiastic, because I am sure it will kill me in times to come – with the quantum of emails that I do not want to read once I have left my desk for the day, or trying to enjoy myself on a vacation.

They advertise – take your work with you, and set up the image on the advert, as though you would like to work at the beach, or at a lake-house. yuck! The entire reason why you take a vacation is because you want a break from work…

Anyway, back to the point. I am using a Nokia E71 as my primary phone, which I use to subscribe to my hobbies, and by far, I have been driven away by touch screen phones. I must mention, I have used two Windows Mobiles in the past – and much ado about their screen size, the HTC Touch I had later didn’t match up to very basic battery needs of any low-end user I have met. With me, it stretched a few hours at best. By few, I mean not more than 5.

The E71 in contrast does well. But battery is not what I am challenging here. When i use the BB, I am surprised at the convenience of the many applications that are available on the platform – Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, WordPress. Wow! I know, there are many who would propose the use of blackcherry mobiles, that look and feel the same and also hook onto the internet, and I myself am not a strong proponent of proprietary technology, but this one takes the cake.

I have been reading and I have a strong urge now, to actually revisit the iPhone, because, apart from the fragile build of the screen (have seen too many cracked up ones), and the absolutely inconvenient to use interface while driving, the iPhone is one device that really has done the application interfacing best.

If there is an application available on the internet today, for mobile phone, its first available on the iPhone, and then on the Blackberry. Which really sets these devices apart from all others. I am particularly proud of the build quality and battery life of the E71, and must add it’s good with networks as well. But when it comes to solid application use – it is far behind. And there’s no second thought about it.

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