Round up of traffic during the first week of CommonWealth Games

October 9th, 2010

Through one working week of the CommonWealth Games, the tortuous road traffic, Delhi has still stood the test of supporting the games. Amidst strong criticism from the media, and immense support from spectators, the games have actually led to disciplining traffic on the roads.

I witnessed two serious accidents on the National Highway 8 during this week. The first one happened when a cab used the CWG lane, and a cop jumped in its high-speed path and tried to push it back into the citizen lane. This one was particularly insane, as a man on foot stood in front of an MUV at more than 100 kilometers per hour, attempting to push it back. At that the cop himself realized he was about to cause a serious accident and jumped out of the way. In reaction, this cab moved into the citizen lane without a signal, and the car behind attempted emergency braking while the one behind it smashed into it at full speed.

I was in the lane parallel and saw this horrifying episode before my eyes. The same evening, a cone marking the VIP lane tipped into the citizen lane, and another car skidded uncontrollably to avoid hitting the cone.

Apart from these episodes, overall found the traffic to be disciplined, averaging close to 40 km/h in heavy traffic on my way to office at 7:30 am each morning and averaging about 60 km/h on my way back after 10 pm.

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