Airtel to launch the iPad 3G in India

January 28th, 2011

Airtel is all set to launch the iPad 3G in India, after a much awaiting. While many enthusiasts in the country who travel have chosen to pick their iPads abroad, and not considered buying the 3G version from AT&T either (which can be used with any carrier across the globe), the launch might be delayed (as expected of Apple) with rumours hitting the internet, of an updated version of the tablet to be soon launched in the coming months.

What to do then? If you’re an enthusiast, and would like to be protected under warranty coverage (as mentioned in one of my earlier posts), then I’d advise that it would be a good time to invest in the device. For the reason, the new version will not be available in India too soon, and I am not sure how drastic the upgrade will be.

Ofcourse, Apple makes its consumers hanker for more with each release of a new device. However,  if you’re looking for a great internet device, and this would be one to go in for.

But what about reviews? Now, that’s a silly question. An iPad is an iPad. Period. And that’s simply because its from Apple. Reviews from around the globe, and especially in India by ignorant self-proclaimed tech-gurus have argued the lack of a USB port on the device, and its inability to make phone calls. While the latter might be true to an extent, I still wouldn’t like holding a device that measures the size of a slate to my ear to make a phone call. If you’re really connected, then I must also add, that skype works on the iPad using the same application that works on the iPhone, and if you must, then go ahead and purchase premium skype services for Skype Out and Skype In, and use your 3G connection to make your calls.

And as for the USB or Bluetooth connectivity – you can keep cribbing until you have used an Apple device. With features such as Dropbox, Mobile Me and Email that work so beautifully on the Apple mobile devices, why would one want to use traditional methods of connectivity such as bluetooth and USB that are available on every other netbook / tablet.

When Steve Jobs announced the launch of the iPad, he said he wanted to create a device that was great to browse the internet on, and that’s precisely what the iPad does. In fact, if you’re into gaming, then the iPad serves you much better than what any other netbook on the stands can.

Now, coming to capacity. There are many choices available for the iPad. A version with 3G or without. I’d suggest you opt for a non-3G version if you’re planning to use your iPad around your office / home, and not take it too much on the road. However, due to the lack of availability of very good wi-fi hot spots in India, it might be a good idea to opt for the 3G version if you’re a road-hogger. When it comes to memory, plenty is better. Not that it adds more value, since applications never really take up too much space. You might want to download a ton of them, but an average user never really uses more than 15-20 apps everyday. Which means, you don’t need much storage for those. However, if you are planning to lug around your music and movies, you might want to go in for the 32GB or the 64GB models, otherwise, 16GB should be very fine.

You want to know my choice? I’m going in for the 32GB model with 3G.

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