The Mac Dock

February 8th, 2011

One thing that you would often find me writing about is computing solutions by Apple. I call them such, not because they are different from run of the mill computing solutions delivered to us by Microsoft and many other players in the market, but because they are solutions that help achieve what is needed in a manner that is simple and can be accomplished.

Take the dock for example. While the windows taskbar has been around since the era of Windows 95, there hasn’t much change since the part that I read, “As easy as changing channels” back in 1995-96 when I first started using Windows on the Intel 486 machine.

I use a very similar taskbar on my netbook that’s running on Windows 7 (which has really kept me away from adopting any more Windows machines), but I’ll seriously add here – there isn’t much difference in how the taskbar functions. Maybe a few more menu options, a quick launch toolbar, some more tray options and resizing, but in terms of simplicity, it has just gone the wrong way.

The Mac dock in comparison, has features like user configurable stacks, and program indicators that help keep the program in memory for quick access, while not needed in the foreground. iTunes for example, innocently runs in the background on the Mac Dock. Though, it is easy to argue that the Mac OS X is a more mature operating system, I am using 6 gigs of RAM on my Windows machine, which just won’t act silent enough on any day, while a Mac with just 2 gigs runs much more smoothly.

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