iPhone 5 Rumours

May 14th, 2011

A number of rumours have been floating around the internet with regard to the iPhone 5 now. While the recent tsunami suggested a setback in iPad 2 production for a few weeks in the United States, Apple carefully devised a strategy to continue launching the much ‘slated’ iPad 2 in newer markets, such as India, which only recently got the first generation iPad.

Now for the iPhone 5, one thing is almost sure, that the processing is going to bumped up to dual core A5, similar to the one on the iPad 2. Its kind of legacy for Apple. They always boasted about doubling the processing speed of the iPhone, each year since its launch.

Rumours have suggested a new tear-drop design to the phone, similar in profile as the image attached in this post. Some sites such as the iPhoneDownloadBlog have suggested as of April 30, that Apple is planning to launch two versions of the iPhone 5. One basic version for the average user, and a professional version for the advanced user, with the intent of making the iPhone 5 a common man’s phone. I haven’t still been able to figure out, how they’d do this. In the past we’ve seen different capacities of the iPhone available, (for present day iPhone 4 – 16GB, 32GB and 64GB). In addition, they also offered the iPhone 3GS at an affordable price while the stores carried the iPhone 4.

So, its possible they strip the pro version of the high-end camera, or the A5 chip and offer the A4 chip in the same form factor, possibly without the retina display as well, but I really am skeptical if they would reduce the power of iOS on their device, because that’s what makes it attractive for developers, and naturally for application users.

And then there are these other rumors that have suggested that Apple will not be launching the iPhone 5 until Fall this year. While others have recently published that the iPhone 5 might be launched at the June WWDC and be in the store as early as July.

As for India, where I am presently, the market still hasn’t seen the iPhone 4 to be launched officially. I am wondering if the carriers here would be interested in launching it at all, or straight away bargain with Apple for the iPhone 5 itself.

My last bit of experience, which I have a pretty strong feeling about the new iPhone in the upcoming presentation would be the pitch towards using the iPhone as an enterprise device. Let’s face a fact – mobile email experience doesn’t get better than the iPhone. Apple has bettered itself offering enterprise level services such as push email, compatibility with exchange servers and so on. There was only one area where Blackberry beat Apple – and that was security.

And now it seems, that Apple has an answer. Through the course of one year, since the launch of iPhone 4, Apple has proved itself on encryption and security. Those who’ve bought their phones in the US, and waited for the unlock to come (baseband 2.10.04 and so on) have ploughed the internet for a hack to be able to use their phones on alternate networks in other countries. PWNAGE, LIMERA1N, RedSn0W are more popular the Beatles among the iPhone community, and the fact remains that there is yet no way to unlock these baseband versions, and Apple can really be proud of it.

And this means, it becomes a good enough reason for enterprises across the world to use the iPhone 4 as a secure means of reading emails – which is far less susceptible to governmental intervention, as we’ve seen with BBM.

I’ve used almost every popular form of mobile email device (with the exception of PalmOS) either in personal capacity or professional – Windows Mobile 3 to newer versions of Windows Mobile, Blackberry and Nokia mail. Have checked out the Android, but nothing beats the iPhone in terms of the user experience of having access to your email. I guess I am eagerly waiting for Apple to break the ice, and also the iPhone Dev team to unlock the phone for those who’ve been using their devices as expensive iPod Touch devices.

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