Microsoft acquires Skype: for better or worse?

May 15th, 2011

The internet world has been talking about Microsoft’s acquisition of Skype at $8.5 billion, with critics taking sides as to if it would be a worthy investment or not, with many often switching sides.

If you delve deeper into the acquisition, then Microsoft has only paid for Skype as a product and service, and not for their development team. This means, they are looking forward to integrating a voice telephony system into the bouquet of services offered by the firm. Obviously, looking at the history of how Microsoft makes consumers pay for the services, there can be a catch for the consumer in the  longer term.

I am not a fan of Microsoft products. Office is okay, but not all versions. And which one, would really be another discussion. But we all know that Microsoft bought Hotmail. For a price that Hotmail was willing to take, and Microsoft was willing to pay. The same is true for Skype. So, if one argues that Microsoft has paid more than what Skype is worth, it is wrong. They’ve paid whatever Skype is worth to them. Now, it depends on the firm to make what it wants of Skype.

That’s because I used to love hotmail when it wasn’t a Microsoft product. I was in two minds whether to use hotmail or yahoo after Microsoft took it over, and once Google launched their service, there was no looking back.

I fear something like this could happen with Skype. So far, I’ve not used GTalk as extensively as I’ve skype. That’s because I primarily use a Mac for computing, and I have skype on my iPhone and everything seems to be working so well. But then, this could well be the turning point when we start looking more aggressively to Jabber clients and other products that deliver easier VoIP solutions that effectively integrate with all platforms of the internet.

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