MobileMe Transition: First thoughts

June 7th, 2011

My first thoughts on the Mobile Me transition to iCloud by Apple. Some of it come out as an ouch!, considering I have a few websites being hosted from my MobileMe server, created using iWeb. Which means, an all new exercise has to start to buy fresh server space, and upload the websites there for continued connectivity with clients.

As for the synchronization features, multiple options exist.

Contacts: Exchange or GMail seem to be the only available options here. Yahoo and AOL Mail do not seem to be providing synchronization for Contacts.

Notes: GMail is my preferred choice – for the part that Yahoo syncs the iPad and iPhone – yes, but we’re unable to set up sync with Notes in Apple Mail on the Mac.

Calendar: I suffered quite a bit in losing my information with Mobile Me on my calendars. Only recently had we upgraded to new Mobile Me calendars, and the transition I am sorry to say wasn’t exactly seamless. On the other hand, I am hoping both GMail as well as Yahoo! that offer synchronization between the Mac, iPhone and iPad will seem to do the trick. You might have an added bonus, if you’re having access to an Exchange 2007 server.

iDisk: This is going to be next great bummer after the loss of iWeb hosting. That because, I am pretty used to storing my files on iDisk and using the iWork apps on my iPad and transfering files between my Mac and the iPad. While many have suggested at first instance, that one can use Dropbox to keep files in sync, but I am afraid that iWork doesn’t sync both ways using Dropbox on the iPad. Guess will have to do a little research on that and will be updating a post on that soon.

That said, I’ve seen a few complaints on the internet which mention that Apple upgrades its services to newer products, while leaving its older customers in the lurch – this seems quite obvious, since people will now have to take out time to migrate their data to alternate servers before MobileMe goes down on June 30th. While these thoughts “cloud” my thinking for the next few days, I am sure I would also like to review what’s new in OS X Lion and iOS 5. But those will come in the coming posts. Soon. Keep reading.

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