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The Technology

Technology should act as an enabler between the inspiration and the people. We must hope to engineer resources so technology does not constrain the growth. In fact, technology must play the role to transcend the boundaries of social, economic or political control, so knowledge and information can flow freely between people. It should serve as a means to the aim, and not be the aim itself. When we set about to devise such technology, that can connect humans above the boundaries of all perceivable differences owing to language, culture, gender, tradition, education, skill or motivation, the media will be regarded as complete.

Such technology will be timeless.

Not merely in terms of versions and evolution or growth, but in terms of its ability to adapt to the ever-growing needs of knowledge. It will ensure low latency towards change, high degree of retention, scope for endless innovation, creativity. It will foster all forms of art in its true form that will result in the dissipation of wisdom along with knowledge. The very use of such technology will ensure right application, above the rules of governance and policies. It will secure the principals within the very platforms, thus enabling greater dissipation along innate standards.

Above and beyond the battles of open-source, freeware, copyrights and multiple standards, I would say, would be the starting point of engineering such technology. Technology that will provide for freedom – freedom of thought, freedom of expression, freedom of action. It must free the mind, so the individual’s domain of control can be expanded beyond the boundaries of social existence – above the differences in mankind. Technology that supports such freedom of the mind, will be the one that will help achieve the goals set by inspiration.







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