Design has gone for a toss at Apple Inc.

May 13th, 2015

So, I admit that I have frequently been floundering around stores and boutiques looking for a decent case for my phone(s). And yeah, my requirements are a little different, since I have been looking for something that will securely stack my two smartphones. But over almost two years, I have met with no luck from Apple Stores to pavement stacks and fine boutiques. You can call my expectations high, but then I keep mediocrity an arm’s length away.

I could go on harping about the creativity and ingenuity Apple exhibited with the design of the 2nd generation iPad covers, but that’s it. What they offer best for the iPhone 6 plus is the ridiculously priced, mundane silicon or leather cases with options in 6 colours (including a bright red, which goes on to show you’re ignorant to all other causes on the globe, other than Apple’s funding of research against AIDS in Africa) which look boring, and make me go yakity-yack with words that will result in grammatically correct (or incorrect) endless sentences. Sigh!

So this evening, I chanced upon the Apple website to browse through what they have. Back in the Steve Jobs era, I’ll say there used to be good stuff. You might have never read my post on B.iP and A.iP which defined two eras in the music industry – standing for Before iPod and After iPod, but yeah, Apple and the entire computer industry will somehow divide two eras – before Steve Jobs and After Steve Jobs, in times to come.

This because, of the complete lack of innovation in design. There was once a time, when I heard a rumour that Steve fired a designer, because he came up with a prototype for an iPod that had the form factor of a wrist watch, but had a visible screw on the underside. You can now note here, the rumour quite purports the following:

  • There are really no visible screws on iPods
  • Steve wasn’t very happy with the idea of wearing your music as your wrist watch

Moving bad from the digression, I chanced upon a neat looking leather case, in which one could laterally slide the iPhone 6 in, and before I could move on to find a comparable one for the iPhone 6 Plus (which I am so happy, they did not bother to design), I noticed the other facets of the design that is so wrong.

By the time you read my thoughts, the object of disdain might be quite a distance away from the Apple website, but I will support the argument with a few screen shots, and below the screen shots, I will keep the long story short – my submitted review to the Apple website, for finely allowing such a product to be selling through their platform.


The Review

I am looking for a nice case for my iPhone 6 Plus. I’ve been to so many stores but haven’t found one decent looking case in so many months. And this one reminded me of the case I got with my hp iPaq about a decade ago. Sigh, those were the days, when you bought a phone, and the box came complete with whatever you needed. Phone, Dock, Case, Adapter, Connecting Cables.
But yeah, back to the point. The button and the clip behind the case spoil it all. Why would I like a button that I will need to pressurize over the surface of my phone? Can’t a magnet be used? And a belt clip? Like, really?

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