I’ll be specific about version And immensely critical.
Because unfortunately, my iPhone updated to the latest version automatically. And I feel that BBM folks have seriously lost the plot and pedigree of the messaging platform.
Why does one use Blackberry messenger?
In simple words, you want a free messaging service that allows you to send text messages to friends across the world, and you do not want every Tom, Dick or Harry pinging you without permission.

Yes, after Blackberry devices became passe and you could download BBM on Android, iOS and Windows Phones, BBM did start offering you the facility to look up your address book and add your known contacts by sending them invites to connect. Which means, that occasionally, one would receive invitations from people, but then only very serious connections would bother sending invitations.
As of today, Blackberry has brought that era to an end. Just like WhatsApp, you can now send BB messages to anyone in your address book. Which means, it is now another front that will be used to reach out with messages that you do not want to read or reply to.
They are talking about bug fixes. For me, the profile pictures are now all mixed up among the contacts. I am wondering, if their programming team is working to create a puzzle or game of sorts.
And then, there were these additional interesting features that BB added during the last months – timed messages, timed pictures and retract messages. Sadly enough, these were time-limited freebies. As of today, you need to purchase the subscription pack to use these features. And yeah, you’ll get your custom BBM pin in the bargain.
Ask this. Do you really want to pay for a messaging service, when you have a ton of them out there for free? And its not that BBM is not monetised. I seriously do not know what they are thinking.

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