Hello! You’re probably here because you want to talk; there are a couple of ways to get in touch with me. I would love to hear how we are doing at Blowtrumpet, my first love and venture. Please don’t hesitate to share links, stories and anything that you feel I might be interested in. If you need support, technical help, a word of advice or want to complain about something, the best bet is to email

It sounds surreal, but it’s true, we are using Gigabytes in our e-mail, just to store spam. I am often busy deleting it.

By Land

I love e-mail. I wonder if Santa Claus receives as much bulk the year around, and if it’s motivation enough why children still prefer to walk into brick and mortar stores, instead of ordering online. If it doesn’t sound funny, expect a reply from me, either right away, or in the next 24 months.

That said, email me directly or use the form below.

By Air

You can also send me a message on Twitter, or on Linkedin. You can also follow me on Instagram.

Other forms of communication, such as using a message in a bottle or carrier pigeons seem to be less reliable, so stick to the above methods just to be safe.