The new BBM on iPhone, this morning

I’ll be specific about version And immensely critical. Because unfortunately, my iPhone updated to the latest version automatically. And I feel that BBM folks have seriously lost the plot and pedigree of the messaging platform. Why does one use Blackberry messenger? In simple words, you want a free messaging service that allows you to […]

Organic for Uttarakhand Plus

The journey which started in June this year, marked a point of gaining direction with a vision setting meeting happening on the 1st of November. This milestone couldn’t have been achieved without the selfless contribution of all the members who have been involved in the group that was erstwhile called “Uttarakhand Plus” now being labelled […]

Uttarakhand Plus

A series of thoughts crossed my mind this morning about this group and what we are trying to envisage. The aim we are trying to establish for the region, being holistic, futuristic and sustainable will be achieved through numerous struggles when we come together and begin work. We started the group with the idea that […]