Microsoft acquires Skype: for better or worse?

The internet world has been talking about Microsoft’s acquisition of Skype at $8.5 billion, with critics taking sides as to if it would be a worthy investment or not, with many often switching sides. If you delve deeper into the acquisition, then Microsoft has only paid for Skype as a product and service, and not […]

Greater than Hiroshima Nagasaki?

Two days ago, when the diplomacy started sharing news that there was risk of a nuclear meltdown in Japan after the tsunami, something stirred inside me. If things were under control, such sparks would already have been smothered. While social media rose to offer technology that people could use to “facetime” with loved ones, using […]

Why I am not worried about Japan’s Nuclear reactors – re-post by Morgsatlarge

I know this is a fairly full on statement from someone posting his very first blog. It will also be far and away the most well written, intelligent post I ever make (I hope!) It also means I am not responsible for its content. This post is by Dr Josef Oehmen, a research scientist at […]

Airtel to launch the iPad 3G in India

Airtel is all set to launch the iPad 3G in India, after a much awaiting. While many enthusiasts in the country who travel have chosen to pick their iPads abroad, and not considered buying the 3G version from AT&T either (which can be used with any carrier across the globe), the launch might be delayed […]