Free speech on Twitter: Once on twitter, always on twitter

While social networking takes on, and many individuals, businesses and organizations take to concepts of web marketing, marketing through social networking platforms. Social networking has become a buzz word in marketing today. However, few know about the power of Twitter. This seemingly small tool that allows you to tweep small lines of 140 characters each […]

Blogging is Art

I define art as a reproduction of thoughts, emotions, mindless inspiration that cannot be driven by structure. Today, we find professional bloggers who share views on blogs and get paid for it. THEY aren’t artists. But those who step out of the frame, and present their views on topics of cultural interest, society, and share […]

An error I can understand. Perfectly!

And this one I understood perfectly. They said it confidently. Purposely. And definitely, that errors on a Mac are coded so every user can understand. Not with those complex addresses and hexadecimal codes that pop up with blue screen errors (BSOD) on PCs. But this one I am particularly proud of. Reminds me, of the […]

B.iP and A.iP – The iPod has changed music forever

The Apple iPod When the Gregorian Calendar Committee next meets, its members might wish to consider updating the whole B.C./A.D scheme to include two new acronyms—B.iP and A.iP (Before and After iPod). Apple’s diminutive music player has had that kind of effect on the world today and the original iPod, introduced in October 2001, started […]