Two Worlds. iPhone 5S and the Google Nexus 5

Many would call me a die-hard Apple fan. And those who’ve experienced the iPhone themselves would also find it difficult to deny. But then, work has brought me to a point, where it became necessary for me to walk into the Android world. And I’ll say it wasn’t easy to walk into. I talked to […]

Tim Cook. An Apple-timmy, please. Shaken, not stirred.

For over a decade and a half now, Apple has been seeing a rise in market-share and increased popularity of its many products which are contributing to the success of a company that is perhaps responsible for the very first generation of personal computers. From 1998, since Steve Jobs took over the reigns of a […]

Why wearable technology may not be successful

and why Apple might not launch the much rumoured iWatch… I would like to trace the genesis of wearable technology not merely from the time we started to “wear” our computers, but from the time when miniaturization took place, and we started to integrate circuits into our fashion accessories, or clothing. It might still be […]

Airtel to launch the iPad 3G in India

Airtel is all set to launch the iPad 3G in India, after a much awaiting. While many enthusiasts in the country who travel have chosen to pick their iPads abroad, and not considered buying the 3G version from AT&T either (which can be used with any carrier across the globe), the launch might be delayed […]