About Me

I am Arjun and my blogging journey started in 2006. I was advancing my career as a management consultant when I started this. I used this space to write down a few thoughts, some which motivated me or inspired change in my life. I write using a single flow of thought, and leave my blogs raw and unedited. If you find a mistake, factual or grammatical, I’ll appreciate if you let me know. You are hence the editor 😉

At a point in life, I gave up my career and took to entrepreneurship. I didn’t look back. I’d spent my earlier days learning about the family business in fashion. During school, I started writing programs and designing robots, one of which won me a national prize. I wrote the logic for an autonomously moving robot, that could sense objects, avoid obstacles. It could identify and approach defined targets within a closed environment. The year was 1997. Similar algorithms are now used in modern day robovacs. When coupled with modern day sensors & technologies like RADAR, LIDAR and SONAR, they are used for self-driving vehicles.

I went on to study engineering and then management, and gained experience in different fields, starting with finance, human resources, shop engineering, and manufacturing. I immersed myself in management philosophies to re-engineer business processes, comply with sarbanes oxley, and improve quality using six-sigma. The management consulting years were all about numbers, strategy, understanding people, businesses, economics and opportunities. Finally, I took the plunge and started up with a venture in digital technology.

As years passed, we have worked with products in digital marketing, ed-tech, and a few projects in solar energy, particularly photovoltaics.

I often work with private individuals and investors on product strategy, helping them migrate to digital and improve synergy with the digital world. 

The day calls for total re-invention of work through distributed companies, hybrid work environments, and asynchronous project management. It is a calling upon us to keep workforces engaged and fully productive if they choose to work from home. We also need to learn how to be resilient against unforeseen and unpredictable external factors, accept the challenges of change and consistently innovate.

I am a technology evangelist who believes in innovation through automation, digitalisation and empowering people. As a give back to society, I contribute time & work proactively with a non-profit for youth empowerment and another to mainstream differently abled individuals. I do not accept remuneration of any kind for activities focussed on social change.

My list of hobbies include amateur photography, following Formula 1, DIY projects, and of course this blog. I am happy to share my experiences, especially in the spirit of promoting entrepreneurship and solution development by the startup community. If you are looking to develop and idea, and want to discuss it, feel free to drop me a line.