I Think, Therefore I Am. I repeat the iconic expression which goes beyond simple words. The mind possesses energy to manifest the being. Manifest all creation. And thus, creativity. In the mind itself, hides the little known secret of our existence. Hence, the purpose of our being.

Who Am I?

It is the long standing truth that the one who has discovered himself has discovered it all. The awareness of our being is the greatest pursuits of life. And in that pursuit, I found the love of technology.

The advent of the internet began the fusion of electronic communication with social sciences – influenced human behaviour and evolved the very state of being for many.

Devoid of confusion, ahead of aggression – collaboration replacing competition, construction overpowering criticism… That would be the spirit of networking – the space where the internet was meant to be. We would connect with others above purpose, for the purpose of being rather than the purpose of being connected. It would translate to a utopian state where knowledge and information would be freely available without selfish interests.

This blog is a representation of my thoughts, a few frames from my amateur camera and revelations from the journey that will always just have begun.

I work, so the internet be used, and expression becomes common. The common becomes expressed. Towards a utopian concept where the knowledge economy includes all.

In my belief, if we can reach out all seven billion people the world over, and bring them onto a common knowledge and information platform, where they are able to empathise with beliefs, culture, values, systems of one another – we will end up making the world a better place. It would be the common language of humanity that everyone speaks.

Writing Style

I write this blog not during my free time, but at a time when I feel inspired by a thought. Some have approached me to improve upon the raw writing style, but my response typically is – I use the digital format to “log” my thoughts as they come to my head. For me, “digital” presents an entire new way of communicating – which means we need to move ahead of the conventional methods of creating content and publishing it. Over the years, I have been single-handedly managing the site, among all aspects of creating the content, the hosting, designing, and integrating the various aspects of community engagement.

I have also received feedback around the random nature of these thoughts. I have invested a little time to silo them into broad categories, owing to ambition in the digital space, where I feel zero’s and one’s could actually be applied towards connecting the world meaningfully. However, I have edited the train only in cases where I have discovered any grammatical mistakes or factual errors.

Most of my time is invested in discovering ideas in the Digital Media that can be used to bring the world together in new and meaningful ways. Born of the digital age, I spend a lot of time tinkering with technology, reading and interacting with people who are interested in connecting.