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Hello World. From Home.

Maybe its just a calling of the times. But, as they say, you need to hold the bull by it’s horns. We don’t want to become matadors against this deadly pandemic. This morning, the number of deaths (on record) by the deadly Coronavirus have surpassed a million, globally. And even if you want to hold…

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The Grand Tour: Repurposing life.

I don’t write reviews, but by the end of this article you’ll see what I want to say about the realities of life, as captured by the new “American” show. With the mention of “why money is vulgar” you will read on. “Looking good is better than looking where you’re going”. A punchline that could…

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And the journey continues…

It is said, dreams are not those that you see in your sleep. Dreams are those that do not let you sleep. And among those dreams, get created are the seeds of ambition, the drive to succeed. It has often been noted, that people giving up striving, just before they are about to hit success.…

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R. I. P. The Gadget

Oh yes, the death of the gadget is inevitably near. I have spent blogs after blogs ranting about useless iPhones and wearable technology, and finally the planet of apes is rising in human evolution to embrace the death of the gadget. Ask me about what’s the latest in fads, and you’ll be amazed to know…

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The ever widening gap in technology

I write about technology. And today I am compelled to write about the ever-widening gap that exists between man and machine. Yes, you’ll judge me right away, with talks about artificial intelligence and how the apple advertisements have introduced Siri into the household and enriched lives. But let’s discuss the basics here. It was my…

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The CEO who delivered

Alyssa Williams delivered 3 children during her tenure of 4 years and few months, while being the President and CEO of Chakoo! Before you judge my words for chauvinism, I would like to clear my stand, that I believe motherhood is the highest privilege that the Almighty has blessed women with. And I believe that…

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Fool’s Paradise

Come April 1st, every year, we celebrate what’s known as April Fool’s Day. And while I was busy reading through a serious technology blog today, a post that appears to be a prank on the audience, few would like to delve into the truth around why this day is marked so, on the calendar. We…

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