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  • It’s the thought that counts

    How many times have you narrowed in on home-cooked food for the cause of falling sick? Look back and see. It’s really the thought that counts. I’ve eaten in the best of restaurants, where attention to hygiene is paid to the minutest detail. And I have eaten in homes, where resources limit expenses on preparation […]

  • Greater than Hiroshima Nagasaki?

    Two days ago, when the diplomacy started sharing news that there was risk of a nuclear meltdown in Japan after the tsunami, something stirred inside me. If things were under control, such sparks would already have been smothered. While social media rose to offer technology that people could use to “facetime” with loved ones, using […]

  • Why I am not worried about Japan’s Nuclear reactors – re-post by Morgsatlarge

    I know this is a fairly full on statement from someone posting his very first blog. It will also be far and away the most well written, intelligent post I ever make (I hope!) It also means I am not responsible for its content. This post is by Dr Josef Oehmen, a research scientist at […]

  • Stock market answering to Tsunamis

    A two-feet high tsunami hit the eastern coast of Japan today. While the toll of human lives remains to be calculated, the extent of destruction is estimated to be huge. 8.9 on the richter scale, this earthquake is greater in magnitude than what man can remember in the past many years. Not to mention, the […]

  • Unemployed and Employable

    13,000,000 new people join the workforce in India each year. Skilled and unskilled, educated and uneducated, literate and illiterate. Most people will take up a job not because they want to do something, but because they need money to survive first, and afford the basic necessities of life. Moving on, many would graduate to the […]

  • The Tryst with Destiny

    1947. The 15th day of August. At the stroke of midnight. The pages of Indian history turned to mark a new chapter – the beginning of an era of independence. And while the rest of the world was sleeping, India awoke to a life and freedom. Although, the day marked the end of British rule […]

  • Social Media: Total Recall

    Though Total Recall sounds cliched, I have been contemplating about where to begin writing. Been reading about social media in the past days from all angles and what comes to my mind right now is that there is a great deal of buzz happening on the social media scene, with many a self proclaimed social […]

  • Time Management and Technology

    Time management shouldn’t be a separate activity–it should be an integral part of the way you do things. For this to happen, you need to be able to develop good time management habits and avoid bad ones. An effective use of time also involves managing your environment, managing your use of technology, and managing the […]

  • Spirituality: The Mother of All Science

    I remember when we started studying Science in school. Science is the study of the Universe. It starts with some basic principles that will create the framework and will never be flouted. For example, Energy can neither be created nor destroyed. Mass can neither be created nor destroyed. Now this is limited to the physical […]

  • Blogging is Art

    I define art as a reproduction of thoughts, emotions, mindless inspiration that cannot be driven by structure. Today, we find professional bloggers who share views on blogs and get paid for it. THEY aren’t artists. But those who step out of the frame, and present their views on topics of cultural interest, society, and share […]