Is The Meaning Of Life A Cliche

Taken to one extreme or the next…It’s always either rightOr completely entirely left.One may see it like a virgin,Who’s naïve despite her depthIn that life is still so good,One day can never compare to the next.One may look on it with spite,And think they’ve nothing left,That the only new adventureIs to explore their own death.Could… Continue reading Is The Meaning Of Life A Cliche

Going Beyond

Humans: Always questioning why things are the way they are. Going beyond the basic principals of life – survive, nourish and flourish…

Life Is A Roller Coaster

Live it on the edge, do not trip over. Life is roller coaster ride. It can you take you high, and then low. Or you can stand by, watch it pass by and take it slow. Time isn’t yours to fritter away. So better climb on, and face what comes your way.

B.iP and A.iP

The iPod has changed music forever The Apple iPod When the Gregorian Calendar Committee next meets, its members might wish to consider updating the whole B.C./A.D scheme to include two new acronyms—B.iP and A.iP (Before and After iPod). Apple’s diminutive music player has had that kind of effect on the world today and the original… Continue reading B.iP and A.iP


Perception is a struggle between us and reality. Often this battle between us and reality arises when the perceptile and our vector of perspective are incompatible, or when two or more perceptiles cannot be accepted simultaneously into the psychological field without altering one or the other, or one’s vector of perspective itself. It is like… Continue reading Perception

Concept The Design

When does concept out way design. The very concept of an idea is the time when the inventor or as I prefer the creator dreams of an idea so unimaginable that the very concept can change the world and how we live and work with in it. These concepts are rare as are the creators… Continue reading Concept The Design

Center of the Universe

At the centre of the universe, lies the origin of the three physical dimensions; namely, length, time and mass. From the perspective of this origin, our life-time has no significant value (In comparison to the dynamic nature of the universe). Yet, we have only this life to feel all happiness, joy, pain, anger and sorrow.… Continue reading Center of the Universe

Position of equilibrium

The edge of chaos is the position of equilibrium between order and disorder. It is this equilibrium, that gives rise to creative thinking, innovation and adaptability. An environment is created conducive to the growth of complex and adaptive systems. It is a playground for intelligence.

Edge of chaos

To walk on the edge of chaos is to accept that our lives are open, uncontrolled, bound to the unexpected. Always facing a multitude of threats; some known, some unknown. Yet it is also to acknowledge that our acts have consequences and so to discover responsibility. It is to use the experience of life as a search for opportunity to learn and become.

Rare Intellect

If we encounter a man of rare intellect, we should ask him what books he reads.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

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