Tamaso Ma Jyotir Gamaya

Tamaso Ma Jyotir Gamaya
Aum Asato mā sad gamaya
Tamaso mā jyotir gamaya
Mṛtyormā amṛtam gamaya
Aum śānti śānti śāntiḥ

The Empty Space

Heaven forgive me for I write
For I feel there is no God
Because if there was, there’d be no misery
There’d be peace and solace
And all would be happy
And it is for the existence of this empty space
Which should be the place for God to be
That I believe in myself
and my powers
It is but this empty space
That reminds me continually
To follow the right
and forgive the wrong
It is but this space
that may lead me to the light
As I stand in darkness this day
groping to find a path
I feel the tug of the many
that hold me back
As I struggle to gather strength
I look upon this empty space
to find answers to the many questions
We’re all born of existence
for the error where the Earth sits
The gentle equilibrium of nature
Which if disturbed would bring an end to all there is
There must be a guiding force
A spirit that leads all to the right
In the fluke of miscalculation
this error hadn’t occurred
Then we would not all be
and neither would be mother Earth
Let us for a moment
Take this spirit away
And let both wrong
and right have their way
There would be no flaw
And nothing would be perfect
There’d be no human no animal
No one would be hungry and no one satiated
And amidst of all this
Earth would not sit
All would be lost, in its spin
All creatures and creations
Art, its forms, science and progress
It would bring us to a state where
The error would not be
And that Earth once existed
Will only be for history to see
It is in this spirit
The energy to guide us away from wrong
The strength I see in the empty space
The belief in us is but a picture of God
And in my thoughts
I stand corrected
It is but in us

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