Goodbye 2020

Many people ask me, what I would be doing for New Year’s Eve. Well, it has been a good-for-nothing year, according to the Gregorian calendar. Whenever the Gregorian Calendar Committee meets again, perhaps they should consider wiping 2020 off the records.

But that said, perhaps this was a good time to sit back and write. I have been irregular across the last few months… well, years actually. Going forward, I’ll try sharing a little more.

I don’t celebrate New Years Eve. My reasons are pretty clear. While my earlier post refers to them as barbaric, I would prefer to call them as Gregorians now on. The calendar has suddenly become so important. And since, the Gregorians chose to mark the day of universal creation, Chaitra Shukla Pratipada, as “April Fool’s Day”, I clearly choose not to celebrate or greet anyone for the so-called turn over the calendar day.

Come April 13, 2021 we should be setting foot into Vikrami Samwat 2078. According to the Hindu Calendar, the universal day of creation is marked as Chaitra Shukla Pratipada, and yes, it is also celebrated as Ugadi or Gudi Padwa in various parts of India.

The flip side is, Gregorian 2020 has been horrible. There have been losses for my friends and I do not know how to say, as there is no redemption. There were close people I shall never hear from again. It is like they disappeared into a black hole. I offer prayers of peace, for not just them, but all. And hope against all hope, that as the calendar turns, things are better.

I do not know how many of us made any resolutions at the beginning of 2020, and kept them. Those who aspire to travel, perhaps didn’t have the opportunity, but those who wouldn’t ordinarily find time to read, should have got some time, at least during the lockdown.

Life has changed for most of us. Working from home, has become quite the norm for many. And looking further ahead, that’s how it looks it is going to be. I am pragmatic and paranoid about the virus. I am unconvinced that the danger is any less, and do not believe that the spread has reduced. The new norm, is perhaps the greatest probability. And hence, my little word of advice, if it is not possible for you to stay home, try to keep the young ones and elders isolated. And practice all necessary precaution. A little more precaution is probably better.

I want to kick the year gone by. Hate is a word not strong enough to express the emotion. 2020 – Goodbye!






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