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Cows Are Holy

I am recollecting my attendance at a Carbon Trading Conference in the early part of 2008, where i had the chance to listen to Dr. Roger Sedjo – RRF, Washington and William Bentley – Salmon Brooks Associates.

One of the points these “experts” in Carbon Trading was that India has too many “wild-cows” on the street that produce a lot of carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide in their digestive systems. That in order to reduce India’s carbon footprint steps should be taken to reduce the number of living “wild cows”.

Over time I have thought, and wanted to direct my message to these infamous “experts” on Carbon Trading, who have invested time from their lives to make a business out of the environment.

The environment is not something we own today and pass onto our children tomorrow. It is something that we have never owned, since we ourselves are a part of it. The rules of nature only talk about co-existence. and if in any whims and fancies, we still want to make someone the owners of the environment, then they are the children of the future. We have borrowed the environment from our children, and we owe it to them, so they can see butterflies on flowers in the gardens, as God created them.
Carbon trading, by the very name is trying to exploit opportunity at the onset before even necessary steps are taken to create a better environment. The Butterfly Effect says, if a butterfly flaps its wings here, it rains in New York. Or if you happen to be reading this in New York, somewhere else. The fact is that nature doesn’t work by the rules of algebra.

And as for cows? Indians have been raised with internalization of a belief that cows are holy. We treat them in parallel to our mother. For a human baby, cow’s milk is the closest form of nourishment to mother’s milk. Every mother having born a child, would know the feeling of nursing a baby, and knowing that biology alone cannot explain the production of milk after the baby is born. It is only the feeling of motherhood, that a mother starts to produce milk for the baby.
For those who’ve had the opportunity of milking a cow, would know that a calf has to be first brought close to the cow before the milk can be extracted from a cow. Westerners have engineered cows to produce more milk? And called the truly loving cows of india, “wild”?

In the western world, where they kill the cows once they stop giving milk? For a human being, this would be parallel to killing their mother, who has nourished him or her with all her love, and now needs support in old age.
How can callous meat-eating, commercially minded people understand the feeling of humanity and motherhood? How cruel can you get at the thought of buying your carbon credits from a world that has the only hope for mankind?

I would say to all those fancy “management and non-management professionals” of the world – first stop feeding upon the flesh of innocent animals that have no voice. Stop intoxicating yourselves in the false glory of demonism. And when the environment is more important to you than commercials, take out your bicycles to go to work. It would save the environment more than killing a few innocent cows (and mothers) who’s children have stopped caring for them and let them go to fend for themselves.





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