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  • Fuel it with hunger

    Fuel it with hunger

    Yesterday, a friend disclosed that she is planning a planning a startup with an aquaintance. Some questions popped up, and I was only keen to share some thoughts. She shared that they have an idea, and are discussing the way forward. I am not sure about her potential cofounder, but she definitely has a stable […]

  • Fool’s Paradise

    Fool’s Paradise

    Come April 1st, every year, we celebrate what’s known as April Fool’s Day. And while I was busy reading through a serious technology blog today, a post that appears to be a prank on the audience, few would like to delve into the truth around why this day is marked so, on the calendar. We […]

  • Real men don’t cry

    Real men don’t cry

    The story of a marginalised Indian farmer, who has no choice but to go on. We all derive our motivation in different ways. But for most, motivation isn’t a word they have studied in the cliched urban dictionary, but a choice that comes to them without another. There was a time, when I was once […]

  • A penny for your thoughts

    A penny for your thoughts

    I aim to be blunt about journalism and content that is created in wake of profit or personal vendetta, and pushed to consumption through various channels of mass communication. I do not know if it will come out as satire, but those who read this, may feel free to leave your comments. And I will […]

  • Stars owned the past. Geeks will rule the future.

    Stars owned the past. Geeks will rule the future.

    A request came from a fellow internet citizen today, if I could write something that will help writers enhance their visibility on the internet. Although, I shared my thoughts to a large extent, in the very same forum, that found my earlier article on 20 years of the internet, and it’s still gasping for breath, […]

  • Drive Safer: Tips for the monsoons

    Drive Safer: Tips for the monsoons

    Keeping it simple. Generating these points from my experience and love for automobiles, driving and sharing knowledge. Some driving tips during the monsoons. 1. Your car might feel like a boat. But it is not. Avoid driving through water-clogged areas. Apart from the risks you run about water hitting the engine or your brakes, you […]

  • One World. One Message.

    One World. One Message.

    I don’t know if I should take this inspiration from sci-fi movies. Whenever we have visitors other worlds, they are talking only one message. Whether be it a friendly visitor like ET, or Mars attacks ;). But whenever they talked about the more evolved worlds, they considered every citizen of their planet as equal. I’ll […]

  • Neither did heat matter. Nor rain.

    Neither did heat matter. Nor rain.

    Maybe this one will be like a chapter in history for generations to come. Believe it or not, the ones who are living in their thirties today, have already written history. In the past two decades, technology has changed the way we look at life. And seriously, let us take a step back from the […]

  • The Inspiration

    The Inspiration

    Inspiration is the overarching spiritual framework that drives strategy, leadership and commitment. It leads to the creation of a goal that must be achieved, and in this respect, it should lay down the principles that will govern the use of technology, so it may be used as an enabler to bring together people of the […]

  • Organic for Uttarakhand Plus

    Organic for Uttarakhand Plus

    The journey which started in June this year, marked a point of gaining direction with a vision setting meeting happening on the 1st of November. This milestone couldn’t have been achieved without the selfless contribution of all the members who have been involved in the group that was erstwhile called “Uttarakhand Plus” now being labelled […]