gray sand under white and blue sky

Neither did heat matter. Nor rain.

Maybe this one will be like a chapter in history for generations to come. Believe it or not, the ones who are living in their thirties today, have already written history. In the past two decades, technology has changed the way we look at life. And seriously, let us take a step back from the microwave oven, that is the coolest way to manage the kitchen and spend a moment to examine what our childhood has been.

At 4:00pm, when we would be caught sneaking out in the sun, so we could spend an extra hour with friends in the neighbourhood. And mom would tell us to do our homework, before rushing out. “Have you started preparing for the Monday test?” could be heard from balconies, and it did not matter who the question was being addressed to, because everyone just wanted to go out and play.

Where are the bicycles we used to ride as children? Where are those conversations around who’s paying for the orange-bar or lemon-bar with your friends after the game?

In those days, a friend’s house would be the destination once a week to play a computer game. The fortunate ones would exchange game cartridges to play Mario Brothers, or Pacman or Battle City. Every year, we would look at summer vacations, so cousins could collect up at grandmas house. We would play cricket and football during the day, and board games well into the night. And when you would go back to school, there would be excuses for not having done the holiday homework.

And fast forward to today. You carry your homework, classwork and social-net-work on your laptop, iPad or iPhone. You play games in a virtual neighbourhood, where your friends might be speaking Chinese, Russian or Japanese. Times might have changed. One will argue, that it does not matter now, whether there is heat outside or if it is raining.

Think again. Even back then, it did not matter.







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