The CEO who delivered

Alyssa Williams delivered 3 children during her tenure of 4 years and few months, while being the President and CEO of Chakoo! Before you judge my words for chauvinism, I would like to clear my stand, that I believe motherhood is the highest privilege that the Almighty has blessed women with. And I believe that… Continue reading The CEO who delivered

Real men don’t cry

The story of a marginalised Indian farmer, who has no choice but to go on. We all derive our motivation in different ways. But for most, motivation isn’t a word they have studied in the cliched urban dictionary, but a choice that comes to them without another. There was a time, when I was once… Continue reading Real men don’t cry

A penny for your thoughts

I aim to be blunt about journalism and content that is created in wake of profit or personal vendetta, and pushed to consumption through various channels of mass communication. I do not know if it will come out as satire, but those who read this, may feel free to leave your comments. And I will… Continue reading A penny for your thoughts

Proud to be Indian

I’m really not going to harp about the achievements Indians have done, before I can recognise why many among us, suffer with low degrees of self recognition regarding our country, nation and motherland. As a child, when I observed my elder relatives achieve excellence in academics, and migrate to other countries in wake of higher… Continue reading Proud to be Indian

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Personalisation and Privacy

Present day social media platforms have been designed keeping the marketer’s perspective in mind. It is about sharing the “status” that promotes consumerism, an air of inferiority, and makes us spend more on what doesn’t always translate into happiness. Yes, just because someone else has done it, and we feel it makes them look good,… Continue reading Personalisation and Privacy

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