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Change, noise and social progression.

It is the construct in human order, probably the destiny or fate of how we are all designed – that it is so hard for the constructive to believe, and then make progress happen in mankind. Given our five senses, we see what we believe, we hear things and we touch and feel the world around us.

We are limited by our reach of the environment, and thus our surroundings, education all become stimulus to the response we provide to the environment.

But what did the human mind learn? Some of us believed we must ape what the achieved have done, in order to achieve what they did. But we forgot, it was not the means that made the aim, but the aim that decided the fate. So, if a mystic chose to be ascetic, we learnt to be ascetic rather than chase the root to mysticism. In that very wake itself, if a successful entrepreneur displayed a certain character trait – we pursued the traits, whether or not, it necessarily translate into the success or not.

Recently, I learnt that someone bought two hundred black turtle neck t-shirts, in the wake of learning that Steve Jobs used to wear turtlenecks, and he hoarded them in a similar fashion in his wardrobe. But that’s that. You cannot become Steve Jobs by wearing black turtle-necks. That’s absurd. And where in history has it been, that people have achieved certain success by copying the character traits of an idol or master. Successful people have “learnt” from their masters – art, skill, knowledge – they rarely become successful by “copying” someone’s style or character trait.

In terms of discipline, I agree. If waking hours make the mind function better, you connect more hygienically with your surroundings, and cause less stress to people you work with – you will be a more effective person. By nature, we are diurnal creatures, and thus waking up early, and living with the sunrise and sunset to absorb energy and give it back to the surroundings, is the way we are made to sustain better. Many of us, do trick ourselves into believing we are more productive at night, or find a better spark of creativity without the disturbance of others. But, this is a short-lived trait. In certain cases, it becomes necessary to be working at night – where opportunity is scarce, the mind is pre-occupied, or you’re serving people in real-time across a different time-zone. But given the opportunity to make space, we will perform better the sooner we are able to embrace the laws of nature that were meant for us.

But what has all this got to do with change? And this is where I find it substantially hard to explain, why I have reason to believe how hollow the saying goes “change is good” is true if realised. With the philosophy in mind, “change is good”, we are constantly irked to push the status quo. Often completely blinded by what is good, so long as there is change.

But then, does it always work in favour of society. And if we are talking society, are we necessarily the socialists? Or the anti-socialists? And then what is the difference between a socialist and a communist? And who is a progressive?

We call ourselves progressive, but we defy progress in the wake we do not want to be capitalists. We then, turn to socialism, and in turn end up becoming communists. We believe in one renaissance movement against another, and join a school of thought, simply in the wake of being different.

Thus, when the US Supreme Court rules marriage between humans of the same gender as legal, a social application gets created. And in the wake of being “socially correct”, organisations, people, and many friends who do not understand what has actually happened, applaud to the ruling, and socially recognise “marriage equality” while it may still not be the law in their own country, and they also choose to ignore their personal preferences or inclinations towards what they feel is right or wrong, so long as it adds to the social noise.

This is how we define social progression.






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