white ipod nano 3 rd gen

B.iP and A.iP

The iPod has changed music forever

The Apple iPod

When the Gregorian Calendar Committee next meets, its members might wish to consider updating the whole B.C./A.D scheme to include two new acronyms—B.iP and A.iP (Before and After iPod). Apple’s diminutive music player has had that kind of effect on the world today and the original iPod, introduced in October 2001, started it all.

B.iP: 14 songs on a $17 silver disc.
A.iP: 1,000 songs in your pocket
B.iP: Album
A.iP: Playlist
B.iP: Piracy
A.iP: Property
B.iP: Radio
A.iP: Podcasts
B.iP: Record stores
A.iP: iTunes Music Store
B.iP: Apple as modestly successful computer company.
A.iP: Apple as dominant media conglomerate.

I know which era I prefer living in.







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