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  • R. I. P. The Gadget

    R. I. P. The Gadget

    Oh yes, the death of the gadget is inevitably near. I have spent blogs after blogs ranting about useless iPhones and wearable technology, and finally the planet of apes is rising in human evolution to embrace the death of the gadget. Ask me about what’s the latest in fads, and you’ll be amazed to know […]

  • The ever widening gap in technology

    The ever widening gap in technology

    I write about technology. And today I am compelled to write about the ever-widening gap that exists between man and machine. Yes, you’ll judge me right away, with talks about artificial intelligence and how the apple advertisements have introduced Siri into the household and enriched lives. But let’s discuss the basics here.It was my mother […]

  • Drive Safer: Tips for the monsoons

    Drive Safer: Tips for the monsoons

    Keeping it simple. Generating these points from my experience and love for automobiles, driving and sharing knowledge. Some driving tips during the monsoons. 1. Your car might feel like a boat. But it is not. Avoid driving through water-clogged areas. Apart from the risks you run about water hitting the engine or your brakes, you […]

  • 20 years hence, the internet is still coughing

    20 years hence, the internet is still coughing

    On the eve of the launch of Digital India Week, the internet stopped working. Although, I would have loved to talk about this, a little time ahead, as in 45 more days, we’ll complete having 20 years of the internet in India. And what a journey it has been. I remember, my trip to the […]

  • The Technology

    The Technology

    Technology should act as an enabler between the inspiration and the people. We must hope to engineer resources so technology does not constrain the growth. In fact, technology must play the role to transcend the boundaries of social, economic or political control, so knowledge and information can flow freely between people. It should serve as […]

  • Pace. Punch. Peace.

    Pace. Punch. Peace.

    NaMo #NaMo Hum Hindustani bahut jugaadu hote hain… bade bade vaigyanik bhi… hisaab nahi laga paate ki hum kaun si cheez ka istemaal kis kaam mein karengey… yaar-dost banane wali WhatsApp se, humne sarkar bana daali… The message marked the morning wake up greeting from one of my friends, on the morning of May 16th, […]

  • Offshoring Storage

    Offshoring Storage

    Cloud Computing. My thoughts go back to the point when Google opened up an e-mail platform that was setting the stage to revolutionize the world of storage. A new battleground, where software giants of the world would begin to compete on providing mammoth storage opportunities for netizens to store their information. But the question arose, […]

  • Greater than Hiroshima Nagasaki?

    Greater than Hiroshima Nagasaki?

    Two days ago, when the diplomacy started sharing news that there was risk of a nuclear meltdown in Japan after the tsunami, something stirred inside me. If things were under control, such sparks would already have been smothered. While social media rose to offer technology that people could use to “facetime” with loved ones, using […]

  • Why I am not worried about Japan’s Nuclear reactors – re-post by Morgsatlarge

    Why I am not worried about Japan’s Nuclear reactors – re-post by Morgsatlarge

    I know this is a fairly full on statement from someone posting his very first blog. It will also be far and away the most well written, intelligent post I ever make (I hope!) It also means I am not responsible for its content. This post is by Dr Josef Oehmen, a research scientist at […]

  • Social Media: Total Recall

    Social Media: Total Recall

    Though Total Recall sounds cliched, I have been contemplating about where to begin writing. Been reading about social media in the past days from all angles and what comes to my mind right now is that there is a great deal of buzz happening on the social media scene, with many a self proclaimed social […]