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Social Media: Total Recall

Though Total Recall sounds cliched, I have been contemplating about where to begin writing. Been reading about social media in the past days from all angles and what comes to my mind right now is that there is a great deal of buzz happening on the social media scene, with many a self proclaimed social media guru talking about search engine optimization and various techniques that you could use in order that your website pops up faster on google, or has a better alexa ranking.

While purchasing keywords is now passe, there has to be a greater connotation to social media than creating processes around the work that is to be delivered. Although, I am myself a strong protagonist of the japanese school of manufacturing and laying out processes and gantt charts around all work that can be broken down into tasks, I would say that using SEO to market yourself is a task, but not creative enough.

So, while the number of netizens on social networks are increasing the world over, are you joining the buzz and creating clutter? Or are you actually making an impact with your strategy online, is what remains to be seen.







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