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Blogging is Art

I define art as a reproduction of thoughts, emotions, mindless inspiration that cannot be driven by structure. Today, we find professional bloggers who share views on blogs and get paid for it. THEY aren’t artists. But those who step out of the frame, and present their views on topics of cultural interest, society, and share their experiences of the world and within – I’d define them as artists of the contemporary era.

Over time, writers have sat down to pen down thoughts. In recent years, print media has declined in popularity. Of days, when the printing press was the industry that ruled the world – today I see more WordPress that people can read.

Recently, after reading an article from Mashable, I re-published my thoughts almost immediately. Considering the part, I do not watch much television, even though i own a large flat screen, I am looking at blogging being the future of art, news and communication.

I can recollect days when journalists were passionate about the content they wrote. Today, what gets published is content that money writes. So if there are ways by which we can communicate our thoughts and emotions in the most undistorted way, and blogging supports that, I would say blogging is art.



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