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  • Pace. Punch. Peace.

    Pace. Punch. Peace.

    NaMo #NaMo Hum Hindustani bahut jugaadu hote hain… bade bade vaigyanik bhi… hisaab nahi laga paate ki hum kaun si cheez ka istemaal kis kaam mein karengey… yaar-dost banane wali WhatsApp se, humne sarkar bana daali… The message marked the morning wake up greeting from one of my friends, on the morning of May 16th, […]

  • Understanding


    Understanding is the one of the most understated of words, when it comes to agreements. Smiling faces over a round of signatures limited by political interest is not understanding for the common man. While the bureaucracy argues that governmental machinery is necessary to create understanding between states, it is often by common criticism, that is […]

  • Born to nurture

    Born to nurture

    Call it the gift of nature, or the opportunity of a lifetime. But God has created society with a balance, where women were blessed with the opportunity to naturally nurture. I met a professor from Harvard recently, who used terms for his mother country as a land where parents are warehoused and children are outsourced. […]

  • It’s the thought that counts

    It’s the thought that counts

    How many times have you narrowed in on home-cooked food for the cause of falling sick? Look back and see. It’s really the thought that counts. I’ve eaten in the best of restaurants, where attention to hygiene is paid to the minutest detail. And I have eaten in homes, where resources limit expenses on preparation […]

  • Unemployed and Employable

    Unemployed and Employable

    13,000,000 new people join the workforce in India each year. Skilled and unskilled, educated and uneducated, literate and illiterate. Most people will take up a job not because they want to do something, but because they need money to survive first, and afford the basic necessities of life. Moving on, many would graduate to the […]

  • Forgotten ideas, apples to bananas

    Forgotten ideas, apples to bananas

    Banana Republic. A term pejorative in modern political sciences, but coined for the purpose of exploitation of large scale plantation agriculture. It’s precisely the way language can twist our perception of being. If I have an apple, and you have an apple, and we both exchange apples; then you and I would still have one […]

  • Corrosion, Not dents

    Corrosion, Not dents

    1945. August 9th. Three days after the bombing of Hiroshima, the Americans had struck once again, to bomb the Japanese city of Nagasaki. On the 15th of August, two years before India rose to independence, Japan surrendered to the allied powers bringing an end to the second world war at the horrific loss of more […]

  • The Tryst with Destiny

    The Tryst with Destiny

    1947. The 15th day of August. At the stroke of midnight. The pages of Indian history turned to mark a new chapter – the beginning of an era of independence. And while the rest of the world was sleeping, India awoke to a life and freedom. Although, the day marked the end of British rule […]